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Your partner for energy-saving solutions in the field of:

  • Energy roofs (tile-absorber roof & solar technology)
  • Heat pumps / heating systems
  • Advanced thermal barrier systems
  • Modern building materials
  • Energy-demand analysis & cost saving calculations
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Assignment of renewable energies


The ecologically and economically sparing use of energy is in our time an increasingly important challenge for every one of us, whether as a private consumer or as a production and distribution company. Energies are precious resources, which are considered to be used carefully since there are no unlimited measures available. The traditional way to produce energy will become financially very costly and less responsible with consecutive periods.


Therefore, we would like to present you our concept: the use of tile roofs energy with heat pumps operating on domestic heatings with the appropriate roofing materials and the constructive and operational features. Our clients will deal with existing sustainable environmental sense to save energy and save costs at the same time. We are looking forward to a consultation with you to calculate your personal savings and to find a customized solution for you.




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